Hers Apothecary & Living Product

Today, people have more focused on their health and searching for product that keep them look younger by using chemical product and back to natural product.

Chanya Piriyawanit, the owner of natural care and treatment product under the brand “HERS APOTHECARY & LIVING PRODUCT”, who was born and raised in Herb medical store in Yoa Wa Rad (Bangkok)- the store had established in 1949 and had variety of herbs from all over Thailand and China. Since she had been around in the store, her understanding for caring and using natural products made her see the usefulness of herb medication and natural treatment, especially in what we called “homeopathy”. With homeopathy and extra treatment by massage, meditation, yoga, and also acupuncture, would emphasized patient to participate in medication.

Chanya decided to produce and develop product by using natural extract to get products that 95% natural, some products are organic guarantee by USDA certificate (USDA is a world recognized institute with very high standard).

A few year ago, they were only a few natural product in the market because not many people were interest in it. However, people nowadays have more concern about chemicals in the products they used. Chanya intentional to develop natural and organic products to meet the need and for more choices for consumer.

To meet the need of consumer, we have created a station in the store that customer can come in and make their own senses from essential oil with a counsel by therapist.